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Small Business Income Tax Reduction Strategies from CPA, Meridian & Boise, ID

Each year, the IRS publishes a series of hefty books outlining the changes in tax law since the previous year. If you're already stretched thin managing your personal finances, running a small business, and preparing for retirement, it is not reasonable for you to keep up with these changes. That's where a good certified public accountant comes in.

Tax strategies, tax planning, and tax preparation are our bread-and-butter at
Sager CPA and Advisors, so we have the skills, education, and time to ensure you and your business get or remain in good standing with the IRS, allowing you to breathe a little more easily around tax filing deadlines.
Reduce My Small Business Income Tax Bill | Sager CPA
Reduce My Small Business Income Tax Bill | Sager CPA

How Do I Reduce My Small Business Income Tax Bill?

The tax laws that apply to you as an individual or to your small business can vary widely based on individual circumstances. Specifically for small businesses, Sager CPA and Advisors can help you with financial planning and analysis to employ some of the following legal ways to reduce taxes and taxable income:
🔘 Basic Small Business Bookkeeping
We can also discuss helpful software implementation solutions for these tasks.
🔘 Proper Valuation of Assets
Your current tax situation will not get better if you do not resolve past conflicts. You don't have to sort this out on your own. We're here to help.
🔘 Real Estate Investment Business and Retirement Plan
🔘 On-Time State and Federal Income Tax Filing.
🔘 IRS Filing Extension
🔘 Tax Loss Harvesting
🔘 Business Deductions and Tax Credits
🔘 Use of Independent Contractors
🔘 Accurate Classification of Your Business
Is your business entity an LLC? LLP? C Corp? Close Corporation? Your classification determines your tax liability.
🔘 Various Types of Retirement Accounts
Learn about the differences between IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and many other acronymic accounts.
🔘 Outsourcing Accounting for Small Business.
We can discuss the costs and benefits of bookkeeping and accounting services for small businesses.

🔘 Detailed Calculation of Gross and Net Income for Accurate Reporting
And more, depending on your individual situation.
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Income Tax Service &
Help with IRS Extension

Nobody enjoys paying taxes, but Sager CPA and Advisors can make this process less painful and stressful by making sure you aren't paying more than your share. Tax planning will help protect your business and your retirement as well as ensure
you meet your tax obligations. We can also help you file an IRS extension.

If you have more questions about our business tax accounting services and strategies and you live in or near Meridian, Idaho, please call 208-939-6029 or
Contact Us.  If you live in or near Garden Valley, we also have a location there where we are on-site every Tuesday.  Our skilled accountants and staff are ready to serve you.